Save Westleigh Park is an alliance of local community advocacy groups who want a fair and balanced outcome for Westleigh Park, the ecologically sensitive bushland, and for the amenity of local residents.

The Westleigh Park Master Plan must give priority to the protection of the ecologically sensitive bushland on the site. We stand for:

  • No mountain bike tracks in the areas containing the Critically Endangered Ecological Community of Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest or the Endangered Ecological Community of Duffys Forest.
  • The closure of all tracks in and near endangered ecological communities and ecologically sensitive flora.
  • The preservation of fauna habitat.
  • The restoration of bushland with a priority to areas where tracks have been built illegally.
  • No night riding.
  • Any tracks that are retained are reconstructed to ensure rider safety and must not damage surrounding vegetation or cause erosion.
  • No synthetic turf on playing fields.
  • Playing field lighting must be consistent with the Australian Standards including Control of Obtrusive Lighting Effects, to minimise impacts on nocturnal animals.
  • The closure of playing fields by 9pm to minimise disruption to resident amenity and wildlife.
  • The remediation of the contaminated parts of the area that embraces the latest technology to eliminate the risk of pollution entering surrounding bushland.
  • Any second access road must be for emergency access only. It must not be a public road that will increase traffic impacts on local residents.

What’s this all about?

Hornsby Shire Council purchased a block of land from Sydney Water in June 2016 to cater for the needs of the whole community. Very quickly their staff realised that there was a high diversity of species present (244) in the bushland part of the Westleigh site including five vegetation communities, two threatened ecological communities, 4 […]

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Make a submission on the DA

The DA has been created and will be reviewed by the Sydney City North Planning Panel (SCNPP). The only thing that can influence the impact and the scale of this development is the COMMUNITY GETTING INVOLVED. We need submissions! Please make time for this important issue that will impact on the Westleigh community and our […]

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Council Approve Lodgement of DA

On Wednesday 13th September 2023 the Hornsby Shire Council voted to approve the following item: On 14 June 2023, Council adopted the revised draft Westleigh Park Master Plan (MP) and draft Westleigh Park Plan of Management (PoM).• Following adoption of the MP and PoM in June 2023, the immediate goal for Council’s Westleigh Park Redevelopment […]

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Special Flora at Westleigh

  • Boronia fraseri
  • Darwinia biflora
  • Galium australe
  • Lasiopetalum joyceae
  • Lomandra brevis
  • Rhodamnia rubescens
  • Syzgium paniculatum
  • Tetratheca glandulosa
  • Calochilus paludosus

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Special Fauna at Westleigh

  • Ring-tailed possums - favourite prey of the threatened Powerful Owl
  • Swamp wallabies
  • Feathertail and sugar gliders
  • Grey-headed Flying Foxes (listed as threatened), large bent-winged bat, eastern horse-shoe bat and the little forest bat
  • Red-bellied black snakes
  • Blue-tongue lizards
  • Red-crowned toadlets (listed as threatened)
  • Dural land snails (listed as threatened)
  • Powerful Owls
  • Bearded Dragons

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We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal Peoples of these lands and remember that we always walk respectfully on Country.